What should I do in preparation of the free in-home consultation?
Please leave your spaces as is! There is no need for you to tidy up. We want to see the space how you are currently using it and we will discuss how you would like to use it. All of our conversations and work sessions are confidential and judgement-free!

If you have any images from a book, magazine or Pinterest that inspire you, please share them with us. We can help bring those elements into your space and give you the look you would like to achieve.

Will I help the organizers during the session?
During our consultation, we will discuss how much you need or want to be included. There will be times you will need to be involved (deciding what to keep versus what to toss/donate), but other times (setting up the organizational systems and putting everything in place), participation will be more optional.

Will the organizer take away donations for me?
With your permission, we can drop unwanted items, such as clothing and household items, at a local charity and provide you the receipt. For larger items, like furniture, we will gladly help you find a local charity to come and pick up the bulk items. The customer is responsible for any removal fees.

How many sessions will I need?
It is very difficult to estimate how many sessions and how long a project will take since many factors come into play; size and complexity of the space, how quickly you can make decisions on keeping or donating items, and if we will be using existing or new storage solutions, etc. We will discuss a high-level estimate at the consultation and will be able to give a better idea once we start working on the project.

How long is a session?
Sessions are usually scheduled for 3-6 hour increments for optimal focus and efficiency, however we can certainly schedule longer sessions based on availability.